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Q. Does Sophie La Girafe items containt BPA or Phtalates?
A. Sophie la girafe® is made from 100% natural rubber. Therefore it does not include any traces of Bisphenol A or Phtalates.

Q. How is Sophie La Girafe made?A. Sophie la girafe® is a handmade product that requires more than 14 individual manual operations to create it. Our manufacturing process video, which shows the entire, step-by-step process can be found on YouTube

Sophie la girafe® is made with 100% natural rubber in plaster moulds. The French term “rotomoulage” is a step in the process when the plaster absorbs the natural rubber’s humidity, allowing Sophie la girafe® to take shape when solidifying. Plaster is natural, inert and harmless matter that dissolves itself in water. This little rod of plaster that you found in your Sophie la girafe® is certainly due to a problem that occurred during the removal from the plaster mould, but it does not put your child in danger.

Q. How do I care for my Sophie La Girafe
A. The best way to clean your Sophie la girafe® and ensure the functionality of the whistle is with a damp cloth.  Do not immerse in water.

Q. Why is my Sophie La Girafe 'fading' in color?
A. The paint used for Sophie la girafe® is composed of 100% natural rubber, which is the same used for the manufacturing of Sophie la girafe® and her natural pigments. Each product may vary in color, especially the shades of brown.
This is an alimentary painting method and the quantity used is at the minimum level, so it is possible that when a baby first uses Sophie la girafe®, Sophie’s paint can be diluted. This is natural and there is no danger linked to this.This does not affect the quality of Sophie la girafe®. Sophie is still in compliance with all European and worldwide standards and does not put your child in danger. The solution is to clean the surface of Sophie la girafe® with soapy water and a damp cloth in order to eliminate the surplus paint before giving Sophie back to your baby.

Q. What if my child is allergic to rubber?
A. Sophie la girafe® has been made for more than fifty years and we have never been contacted to report a case of any allergies to the rubber. In addition, we also know that the allergenic protein inside Sophie la girafe®’s latex would be eliminated by our fabrication process.
However, as precautionary principle, we advise you not to use Sophie la girafe® if you know that your child is allergic to rubber.

Q. How can I check for authenticity?
A. The best proof of authenticity for your Sophie la girafe® is the ‘certificate of authenticity’ that is sold with each Sophie la girafe® as well as the custom brand seal on the packaging.

Q. Where is Sophie la Girafe made?
A. Sophie la girafe® has been produced for more than 50 years and is still traditionally manufactured in Rumilly, France.

In order to satisfy customer demands as well as to offer a larger selection of products, Vulli has created a whole range of products with the custom brand emblem of Sophie la girafe®.
Due to high customer demands and costs associated with production,Vulli is not currently able to manufacture all of the production in France. In order to stay competitive in price, some of the products are manufactured in Asia.
Vulli's company’s policy remains consistent and we strive to manufacture the maximum amount of products possible at the headquarters in Rumilly, France.
- Sophie la girafe®
- Sophie la girafe® Maracas Rattle
- Sophie la girafe® Stackable puzzle cubes
- Sophie la girafe®’s Tree
- Sophie la girafe® Vanilla teether
- Activity chain
- Butterfly teething ring
- Vanilla flavoured teether Chan Pie Gnon Design
- Matriochkas Sophie la girafe®
- Pop’box
- Set of 4 little boats
- Shell key rattle
- Soft’Pyramide
- Stacking flowers
In addition, we would like to remind you that all Sophie la girafe® products are tested in certified laboratories and are compliant with European and worldwide standards that respect VULLI’s quality charter.